Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Resolved Account Suspended Spamming in Joomla (Cara Mengatasi Acoount Suspended di Joomla)

In Previous article i discuss about Spamming In Joomla but the recipe is not fully perfect to allowes my hosting suspended my web. But thanks God, finally my web work normally again now.

Okey this my solution to resolved that case. How to Resolve Account suspended in your joomla site:
  1. Backup your joomla site and database in your local machine
  2. Contact your host provider to recreate your hosting
  3. Before your upload your site, go to Folder: YourJoomla/Configuration.php
  4. Remove Public_editor:Code_editor,and Save fileIn normally joomla, public_editor not exist in configuration.php
  5. And your joomla ready to upload in server again.
  6. Upload your Joomla site as usual.
  7. and let see.
I hope your site worked normally again, and spamming email not come back again in your site.

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