Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good Indonesian Movies to Watched

Good Indonesian Movies to Watched after the raid
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After the raid (redemptation) and the raid 2 Berandal succes on the world.Indonesian movies or films  become popular. Many people from other country search about indonesian movies. The people hope to find movies like the raid and the raid 2 berandal.

But many people be sad because the raid and the raid 2 a rare films. Yes, in indonesian. The martial arts film is rare film, in indonesian many drama films or horor films. Dont be sad because many indonesian movies is good. Ada apa dengan cinta, hari untuk amanda as a part of romantic movies you try to watch. Laskar pelangi is a human social movies nd education.

If you want to see fast furious franchise indonesian taste. You can watch street society, Street society have a good movies about racing. and many people says this movie look likes Fast Furious Franchise or Need For Speed Movies. Check this trailer.

But after you watch this movie maybe you be sad or angry but this movie not likes your expectation :D. If you want to watch horor, thriller or slasher movie. Try watched this One.

This title is Rumah Darah or international title Macabre. I guarantee this movie is good, many have bloody scene, jumping scares and good story. Please try To watch. If you want to seeing movies likes The Raid. you can Watched "Merantau". this Movies From Gareth Evans, and Iko Uwais. this Movies before The Raid.


So, Indonesian Movies not about fighthing, cruel, sadistic or gore scenes looks like you watch in The Raid Movies. Try To watc other Indonesian Movies and Find out Indonesian culture. Oh ya, Thanks for youtube for all video this post.

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