Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Remove Detail in Joomla Article (Menghilangkan kata "detail" di Artikel Joomla)

There are Two Ways to Remove "detail" in Joomla Article.
1. Remove "detail"  using Article Manager, 

  • Open Article Manager
  • Clik menu options
  • Hide anything in top article manager except title article

 This method applies only if you remove anything in top article except article title

2. Remove "detail" using Language Menager

  • Open Language Manager
  • Click menu Ovverides
  • Clik new
  • Search in Search Text you want to Change section using "COM_CONTENT_ARTICLE_INFO" in textfield 
  • change to "Constant" in Search For

  • Than Clik Search Button
  • in Search Result, click COM_CONTENT_ARTICLE_INFO
  • and Remove, "detail" in Text
  • and Save & Close

This Method applies althounght you not remove anything in top article, just remove word "detail"

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